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Saturday, October 30, 2010

It's been a tough month around here .............

Sorry I haven't been around much lately, but it's been a little busy with a Copics Christmas Card class, Thanksgiving, my birthday on the 24th, and my niece's birthday on the 30th (more about those in a minute).  In between that I had a couple of really bad spells with my Fybromyalgia, Migraines (the weather and a full moon), and Chronic Pain which usually sets me back a few days :-)  If I have 1 or 2 good days I always seem to overdue it which in the end makes it worse for me the next few days because I end up not being able to do anything.  How many of you out there are affected by any of these disorders and can relate?  Sometimes I feel so alone and that no one understands exactly what I am going through. And then there was the anniversary of our son's death on the 25th, it's been 8 years since he died, but it seems like every anniversary the pain is just as fresh but then fades away again.  I miss him terribly every day, RIP Jason.............................

Well this will be a very long post if I do everything all at once, so I think what I will do is break it down into separate posts.  It's been a long day already and I need a break so I will pick this up tomorrow with the Copic's coloring class that I took.

Talk soon, thanks for stopping by,


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