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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Classes with Lorraine McKay

I recently had the privilege of taking some classes with Lorraine McKay.  She is an absolute hoot and I just loved being in her classes.  I found them challenging at times because some of it was fairly new to me, but I still kept up with the class and my final result turned out quite well if I do say so myself :-)

The following are the pictures of the gumpaste figures that we made in her classes:

Mermaid in a Bathtub:

Fairy sitting on a log feeding a Bluebird:

 Bride and Groom:



I can`t wait until the next time I see Lorraine McKay, I want to learn so much more from her.  Now to purchase the tutorials that she has for sale on her website  Go check them out, you won`t be sorry :-)

Well that`s all for now, I hope you ahve a great day!  

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