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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Panda Bear Cake

Hello everyone,

OK, I finally finished the Panda Bear cake after having to bake it 3 times to do a poor baking pan, a core that was warped and my cake was too soft. I had used this recipe before and it was a very dense cake and I should not have had any problems with it so I'm not sure what happened to it. In the end everything worked out fine as it usually does.

There were some mishaps while I has making and painting the bamboo, but nothing serious thank goodness! My hubby, he's such a sweetie sometimes, he knows exactly when to check on me, when things are too quiet! While I was supposes to be putting petal dust on the bamboo - 7 different colours to be exact, I could hear him in the background calling me. Finally, I responded, and I was sitting with the bamboo in one hand and the brush fully loaded in the other hand, mid stroke getting ready to put the dust on the bamboo and the client was to pick up the cake in the next hour or two (I still had to put the cake on the board and add the grass and final touches) Well, I didn't skip a beat I answered him back, said everything was fine and that I was almost done, and thanks for checking. In fact I was actually sleeping and had to get back to it real quick!!!!

OK, I got the last of the dusting done, went downstairs and put the bamboo into the back of the Panda Bear, put the Panda on the larger cake circle, mixed up the icing to the right colour green. The grass was laid and I made sure that everything looked as it should, oh one final touch I put a bouquet of Stephanotis (the client's mothers favorite flower and she passed away years ago, they always like to include her in their celebrations in a little way) in the Panda's paw.

Side of the cake, showing my lovely bamboo :-)

When I finished the cake I still had a little time left over and I decided to put together a card that I had saved, I knew that I would need it one day :-) It's a card that was in the MTC Library and I'm sorry but I don't know who the creator is to give credit to.

Left the inside of the card blank so that she could right something before she gave her the Birthday cake :-)

That's it for me, hope you had a wonderful weekend doing what you love!



  1. Love the Panda cake and the firetruck is pretty darm cool too.


  2. Thank you so much Yvonne, have a great day!

  3. When I brought this to my sister she justed loved it so much she did not want to cut it up. But I made her. It was very yummy.


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